Nurturing Arizona History Since 1977

Incorporated in 1971 to help support the activities of the Arizona Historical Society and connect our diverse community with the power of Arizona’s history.


As such, we are one of the oldest and most credible nonprofit institutions involved in this exciting subject.  Our membership consists of volunteers who share our passion about the exciting heritage of Southern Arizona.


We are a proud history partner of the Arizona Historical Society.   We collaborate with them around the Tucson History Museum to help educate anybody who is interested in learning and preserving the history of our state.  We do that by raising funds, hosting interesting programs presented by local experts, and conducting tours to historical sites and places of interest.


Some of our members can trace their Tucson family roots back over 7 generations! Others have arrived recently, and some are students, part-time residents or long-term visitors.  We welcome and learn from each of them. All have an interest, fascination, and appreciation for this beautiful environment, and those peoples who have walked here before us.


We welcome your interest and encourage you to join us for learning, a sense of accomplishment, and fun in preserving this treasure.